Make WoW Gold 10 Times Faster

Have you ever wondered how other World of Warcraft players get so much gold? How are the most experienced players able to increase their in-game wealth so quickly and easily? Take a few moments to uncover some of the most experienced WoW players' secret gold-making ventures. You'll see why it's easy to make more gold than you ever thought possible, for free!
May 2nd 2007

Rogue+Maybe Other Class GOLD MINE

Ok so I am kind of well geared. I am a human rogue and I’m speceed combat dags, which is a bad choice for this, I should be combat swords or something but anyways.
I also have imp sap. Go to the crypts instance in auchdoun and stealth to the very end of the second room.

May 1st 2007

Easy Gold With Flask Of Distilled Wisdom Recipe

When you're exalted w/ Cenarion Expedition, you can buy the Flask of Distilled Wisdom Recipe from Fedryen Swiftspear in Zangarmarsh.

This costs only a few gold (4) and is NOT BOP!

However, it does require you to be CE Exalted to learn it - but most people don't understand that.

So you can buy a few of these for a few gold and resell them for up to 100g depending on your server.

Mar 24th 2007

Buying Gold: How I Lost My WoW Account

Until last week, I was one of the top-ranked warriors on my World of Warcraft server’s PVP ranking list. After dozens of end-game dungeon runs with my guild, I had finally amassed nearly all of my class armor and was proud of my gear. I spent countless hours spent raiding and perfecting my PVP skills, and there were few other players who dared challenge me in the arena.

Jan 25th 2007

Warlock Insane Farming

There's several good aoe spots in the outlands(you can't have mine lol):p It basically takes a team of 2. It could be done if you are an sl lock but just not worth the time. I've powerleveled and farmed with basically every class with this ONE warlock spell. Just have your buddy round up a bunch of mobs and hold them in place while u toss out 5-6 seeds out.

Jan 21st 2007

Jewelcrafting guide

This is not intended to be a complete Jewelcrafting FAQ, merely to help you prepare for The Burning Crusade, and specifically to help you skill up Jewelcrafting as fast as possible.


1. Jewelcrafting Designs
a. Where to Learn Them
b. The Designs
2. Grinding to 300
Jan 5th 2007

Dire Maul West Solo Farming

The spot you are going to be farming at is the ramp leading down to tendris warpwood(the big tree guy). There is a ledge on each side of this ramp. The mobs you want to target are the groups of trees and the round blue caster things. You can do the larger patrolling trees but they do punt you back so if u screw up youll get punted to the bottom and die.

Dec 1st 2006

Deadwind Pass Farming

Here's a nice circuit for farming vendor trash of the birds in Deadwind Pass. They drop 4-6 pieces of trash per kill, and some of those stacks of 5 sell for up to 60 silver. I made about 2.5g in 5-10 minutes of lolligagging around trying to find the circuit. You could easily makes tons off this.
Oct 17th 2006

Farm stratholme with 2 mages

This is doable at level 60 with 3 talent points in to improved blizzard apiece.

it works as follows:

mage 1 runs around using fire blast, arcane explosion and blink to annoy as many mobs as possible without getting killed. once critical mass is achieved and the mobs are reasonably close together, hit frost nova.

Sep 1st 2006

Bloodvine farming

My hunter collecting Bloodvine and voodoo dolls from Zul'gurub(easily doable naked).
I collect a total of 7 voodoo piles and how ever many herbs i find. This particular run i got 5 different voodoo dolls(10-15g) and 3 bloodvine(20-25g).
My record to this day is 6 bloodvine from one run :). Of course the prices depend on the server, my server is rather low i'd say, and they sell pretty fast.

Mar 18th 2006

Runecloth Farming - Instant respawn

Runecloth can be a !@#$%^&* to get when there are other people taking your mobs. one of the most farmed areas of WoW is Kel'Theril in Winterspring. the suffering highbornes are renowned for their runecloth drops & assorted rare drops.