May 12th 2005

Deviate Fish Farming

This probably isn’t the easiest strat to start, but I did notice that once I started it, I made quite a lot of gold. Basically, what you'll be doing is, selling savory deviate delights, which sell for 50s in my server. Ok, since this takes steps, I’m going to provide them now

  1. You must have a cooking skill of 85, and a fishing skill of 30 (? you'll be fishing in the walling caverns, I don’t think it needs to be very high, people on thottbot said it has to be 30)
  2. Once you have those two down, you’ll need the recipe called Savory Deviate Delight. You can get it by grinding various mobs in The Barrens, or, you can do what I did, and buy it in the AH for about 30-40g. Here is the link
  3. Now you're ready, head over to the barrens, and go to the walling caverns, an instance in the barrens (levels 18-21 i think).
  4. Start fishing inside the walling caverns with your selected fishing macro, or just fish, and don’t use a macro at all. It really doesn’t matter where you fish, it doesn’t have to be directly inside of the instance portal, but I did find that I got a little more Deviate Fish (the fish you are looking for) inside the instance of walling caverns. *The Deviate Fish don’t ALWAYS drop, but it seems to be about a 50/50 chance of getting them*
  5. 5. Make as many Savory Deviate Delights as you can, and you can sell them for 50 silver a piece in the Auction House.

Suggestion: You might want to be over level 40 to try this out, because you’re going to pull a lot of aggro while in the walling caverns if you’re lower, and you’ll have a harder time fighting off those elites.

The best thing about this is that you can go afk, i wouldn’t suggest going afk all night, id be too afriad that id get a PM from a GM or something.. and get banned. Otherwise, you’re probably going to be fine if you’re afk for about 2-3 hours or however long you feel is right. Anyways, last night I popped in a movie, put a fish macro on, after the movie was over, I checked my inventory and there were 45 Deviate Fish, made the Savory Deviate Delights, and sold them all for a total amount of 25g.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the Delights can make you transform into a pirate, an assassin, a blob, it can make your cast time a lot faster... its random every time, but pretty interesting, and in my server, I noticed that a lot of level 60s like to buy these out and entertain lower levels in Iron Forge. I know this is a lot of work to get it started, but I feel its well worth it in the end, feel free to post problems and questions you may have. If this is a re-post of some sort, I’ am sorry, I searched for it and didn’t find anything on it; it can be deleted if needed, no big deal.

REMEMBER, it is possible to get banned for using a 3rd party program, use at own risk. :)

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

OK this is how you make a macro i havent made a fish macro but i do know how to make one...really simple /macro.

(by the way getting a cook that knows recipie is really easy on my server if you get a noob that doesnt know how much its worth will make for free :D

By macromaker, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

Where can i farm lots of linen cloth fast?

By Bloodgash, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

Barrens or Teldrassil.

By Zovesta, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

Where can i farm lots of linen cloth fast?

By Bloodgash, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming, tried by a idiot

Hehe, I'm loyal to my game(that and I don't know how to make a fish macro) and I'm a lvl 41 priest, I'm gonna try it! Also I have to max out my cooking =(

By Zovesta, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

Um okay so where is the fishing macro?

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming

Great post!!

This method does actually work to varying degrees depending on the server you are on, and how many people are already doing this.

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

Re: Deviate Fish Farming


im kinda nubbish, so how do u make a fish macro??? i dont care if ill get banned, been banned a ton of times, i just dont kno how to make it, and if it does how do u kno the fish wont get away? plz explain


The person who this is truly an idiot in my opinion.

He is obviously lieing. Who would spend time and effort building a nice toon and then not care if they get banned over a fishing bot?? He also says he was banned many times?? I dont think you can be banned many times and just keep on getting new accounts..

Plus WoW accounts cost money. I am not 100% sure, however I do not believe that Blizzard refunds money for your unused time when you are banned. Apparently this person is saying they can be banned and then just get a new account then, many times? and they dont care? If that is true, then it does not seem like you care enough about the game to even want to gather Deviate Fish by any means, using a bot or even just plain old fihing?

I think that person was taking a bio break when it was his turn to get brains!

Any how back to the main subject, great post!! I am pretty sure that this method works on most servers. The only problem is that many people are already doing this so you may have a bit of competition, which may lower your profits a little. The really nice thing about farming fish is you dont have a repair bill from damage to your equipment, and you dont need to use up potions, bandages, or food either. So you end up getting nearly 100% profit from this!

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

It works and it is good and

It works and it is good and easy money to get. some time can you selle it for a higher price...! thangs for the help to get easy money!!!

By ole, 7 years ago

okay, okay, is there a way

okay, okay, is there a way for me to get 40g in one hour? I'm lvl 37 and have 5g, after an hour of the linen farming, is this better?

By he who is poorer than you, 7 years ago

well i think i'll try it-it

well i think i'll try it-it sounds like a very good idea...however im not gonna use the bot lol. Fishing is about patience, Patience is a virtue my freinds. I just made my charrr this december(I was a Chrsitmas Boomer!) and i just reached 40 and im looking for a way to get mny mount....ive only got 40g so im not sure if i should blow all that money away on buying the recipee...So i guess im gonna try and farm them ole mobs for it :D ANYWAY what im trying to say is that thanx for being a smart person AND being kind enough to share it with everyone......THANK YOU!

~Arnicor~lvl 40 Night Elf Hunter
Server: Exetus


By B-mor, 7 years ago

Yes can someone plz make the

Yes can someone plz make the macro program for the fishing and tell me how to get it...and within the year lol

By beebo, 7 years ago

the fish can make you cast

the fish can make you cast faster and turn into a blob? since when? is this a new thing? ive only seen rogue and pirate

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

Re: the fish can make you cast

I think it's the raw fish.

By Zovesta, 7 years ago

This worked for me to make gold.


This worked for me to make gold. The AH is the most effiecient key to make gold whether that means farming, etc, to find things to sell. But a strategy that i use and others that i have picked up is simply this. When u sell things on the AH, u want to make sure u are selling things people actually want to buy. Well some ways to help ensure this is 1) Items people need to complete quests. There are hundreds of quests througout the levels that people do on a regular basis. Many of these require items that ethier require grinding to obtain or for the majority would rather just head strait to the AH and buy it if the price is right. Obtain these items and sell them in quanitys! 2) the Auntioneer mod. Download the auctionerr mod and conduct multiple scans whenever you play, soon you will devlop a database of average prices of all items seen in the AH. This way you know what items are worth and your not underselling your own profits. It also alows you to find items that are being sold for less than what they are worth and buy them and resell them for profits. 3) Buy items that are class particular. Example. New rouges usually like to buy daggers from th ah with agility stats. Buy all the daggers in the AH like these and then sell them for whatever you want for you just rid your competetion. 4) the server resets every tuesday, so bid on good deals with etheir medium or low ah times monday night so that there is less time for people to outbud you. 5) Most peoplebuy items from AH on sundays, so that is the best time to list your items for the best chance to sell.

By Okeris, 8 years ago

Dude, what does that got to

Dude, what does that got to do with fishing,..jeez,.
Its a post about fishing, the guy puts a lot of effort in and you come along and make this thread about your own methods.

Even if you way of making gold rocks, its not the place to post, ATART A NEW POST.

Some people just waste everyones time.
Anyway, my comments regarding the actual content of the fishing post !!

Anywa, great fishing guide, i had the recipie for a while now and didn't realy bother fishin. After reading your post though it kind of was fun.

Oh, and using a macro is NOT 3rd party and it won't get you banned. As the only way before you could get in trouble is if you had AddOns (they are the 3rd party tools) which had macros which for example cast more than a single spell.

As you can't create anymore ilegal macros in-game without using a AddOn you r fine should you have written the fishing macro witrhin the game.

Macros are not bots either, again bots are mods or AddOns,..(same thing realy) which you put in your addon folder and can access through WoW addon dialog on your character selection screen. All AddOns are fine as long as they don't change the game experience but only enhance it.

Thanks again and great guide.

By Sense, 7 years ago

any1 hav a fishing macro

any1 hav a fishing macro plz?

By Anonymous, 8 years ago


I was level 19 when I reached The Barrens. Being an alliance rogue I had a Tauren friend escort me to Booty Bay. From there I could make it to pools before the Wailing Caverns. I usually fish in the moring and drop the raw fish on the AH. I undercut my compition and shoot for voulme over the quick kill of raw gold. This should work for most people. One idea that came from a friend is the bigger the bags the more fish you get. I average 30 an hour or so and my skill started from 1 when I started fishing there.


By barnosblade©, 8 years ago

please im begging sum one

please im begging sum one anyone! please tell me a fishing macro so i can go away from my comp for windows... i searcheed everywhere... if anyone knows email

By Anonymous, 8 years ago


how do you make a macro like that
does it just stay on or do u have to push it every time

By gokuson, 8 years ago

yeah whats the bot/macro

yeah whats the bot/macro called?

prefer macro so dont get banned but hay money is money lol

By Anonymous, 8 years ago

ez stuff

ok i dont have the recipe for the savory diviate delights but however i did fish the fish and a stack of 20 fish are about 3-5g and in about 14 hours i got 200g and it was quite fun sept for ppl ganking me anyways i got my mount and i think once i get on wow again ill fish for more of them and if u have any questions my main's name is Casiroll on the server azgalor (alliance)

By Casiroll, 8 years ago

can u make me a macro

can u make me a macro so i can use it???

By Anonymous, 8 years ago

Deviate fish farming works

Deviate fish Farming waorks very well, im lvl 45 and yesterday i had 11 gold and now i hav 54 gold.

By Nick, 8 years ago

i made a rouge farmer just

i made a rouge farmer just for this he is 26 and can pretty well solo the place i usally fish and then go kill and skin for the Deviate Scales in which sometime on my server can out sell the fish this is great tho i dont marco my fishing tho so it is kinda boring tell you get to kill things to skin and sometimes a blue item for twink will drop and you will pull in a good 120g and on a pvp server alliance Good luck fishing the polls i get killed in about 20 sec of coming out of stealth i sugest staying in instances

By Anonymous, 8 years ago

3rd program

Ehhm. Blizzard will ban u for using 3rds so dont do it, but it isnt hard to make. By using a little C++ and some c it should be quite easy. So if you really want it, i can make it for you, but only if youre sure. I dont want to waste my time with doing something that nobody want.

By Anonymous, 8 years ago


I can program, but I have no idea how to tap into the WOW api to do this, is there a tutorial somewhere, or could you share some code?

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

you can make me free gold?

you can make me free gold?

By Anonymous, 7 years ago

Could you make a macro for me?

Hi, I need a way that i can go AFK, And when i come back, My inventory is full of fish. Can you make this macro For me? A Fishing Bot :)

By Anonymous, 8 years ago

I would like to try out a

I would like to try out a macro... let me know ;)

By Anonymous, 8 years ago

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